For Attorneys

We welcome client referrals from other attorneys and pay referral fees in accordance with The Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of California. If you are an attorney and have a client who can benefit from our services, please call us.

We also enjoy working as co-counsel on real estate, mortgage, or bankruptcy matters and offer advice on writing effective pleadings with regard to both lending laws, consumer laws, and debtor/creditor laws. We help with discovery and trial. To learn whether we can help with your case, please call our office.

For Our Clients

We consider a referral from one of our past or current clients the highest compliment we can get. If you are, or have been one of our clients, rest assured we will provide your friends and family with that same professional service you enjoyed.

Other Referrals

Payment of referral fees to non-lawyers is strictly prohibited. Thus, we will not pay any referral fees to non-attorneys. If you contact us to ask how much we will pay for referrals, we tell you, “We will thank you for every referral you give us, and we will take care of that referred client to the best of our abilities, but we will not pay you any referral fee of any kind.”