Real Estate and Mortgage Litigation

Attorneys Assisting Clients in the Courts of the Inland Empire, Orange County, and West Los Angeles

Real estate and mortgage transactions have always been fraught with technical laws, complex disclosure requirements, and charlatans trying to make a quick buck as a great deal of money changes hands quickly. With the crash of the real estate market and the millions of problematic mortgage loans that were provided, the real estate world can more daunting than ever to the nonprofessional. Disputes may arise between borrowers and lender, buyer and seller, or broker/agent and client. Resolving disputes in a cost-effective way is usually the main goal of our clients, and we have the experience and knowledge to simplify the complexities. Hiring a broker-attorney may actually save you money in the long run. With the attorneys at F&M at your side in court or in an arbitration proceeding, real estate and lending problems can be solved quickly and efficiently. F&M gives you the benefit of a two Southern California real estate lawyers and mortgage attorneys who are also licensed brokers. At F&M, the broker-attorneys on our team offer you the kind of insider knowledge that only comes with having handled many real estate and mortgage transactions.

The Southern California real estate attorneys at F&M are skilled and experienced enough to represent any party in a real estate transaction, including: buyers, sellers, owners, landlords, tenants, agents, brokers, inspectors, escrow officers, developers, borrower, and lenders. If you find yourself facing court or arbitration over a real estate problem such as a title defect, lien or other encumbrance, misappropriated money, breach of contract, unfulfilled contingencies, failure to disclose defects , fraud, forgery, or a landlord-tenant dispute, call an attorney at F&M.

Because they are broker-attorneys, the real estate attorneys at Fransen & Molinaro have a unique and thorough understanding of the laws connected with real estate. We are able to bring outstanding skills and knowledge to any real estate case. Don’t trust just an attorney with your real estate case; rely on an attorney-broker who knows the business and the law. You will find that caliber of Southern California real estate lawyer at Fransen & Molinaro.

Real Estate Law and Mortgage Law are one of the main practice areas of Fransen & Molinaro. We skillfully navigate though state or federal court systems. We represent individuals and small businesses including buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, appraisers, borrowers, lenders, escrow agents, inspectors, title insurers, and more in court and in arbitration. If you have been the victim of fraud by a seller or broker, had your money misappropriated by an escrow officer, or suffered as a result of forgery through a notary, hire us.

To hear attorney Nathan Fransen argue before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (Federal Court) CLICK HERE to be taken to an interview with Nathan and Martin Andelman of Mandelman Matters. The interview is interwined with actual audio of Nathan arguing his case before the Ninth Circuit Appellate Court.Mandelman Matters is a website full of information about the mortgage crisis.

F&M provides unparalleled service by attorneys who understand real estate and mortgage law inside and out. If you live in, or have property in California, and you want great legal representation, please call us.

For representation in a real estate or mortgage lawsuit,contact a Southern California real estate finance or mortgage attorney at Fransen & Molinaro today!