“The global cigarette market was valued at $888 billion in 2018 with an estimated 28.7% of adults surveyed in Europe claiming to smoke and 21% in the United States. In Europe, the adolescent population has continued to smoke at alarming rates despite clear evidence in the dangers of smoking. ” (forbes.com/sites/joresablount/2019/08/15/inside-the-business-of-e-cigarettes-and-the-european-tobacco-industry/#5c56f98f1a43).


If you suffered a stroke, seizure, serious lung disease, miscarriage, delivered a baby suffering from birth defects, or suffered other catastrophic injury after using e-cigarette devices, or if your teenager has become addicted to e-cigarettes (vapes), contact a lawyer. It is our goal to help put an end to this crisis by helping the victims file civil lawsuits to recoup their losses. If you are located in the State of California and want help, please call Attorney and Physician Paul J. Molinaro, M.D., J.D. today for a free consultation.

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