“Despite public health concerns and increased scrutiny from the Food and Drug Administration that have led to bans by local governments, the Wall Street Journal reported that the start-up raised $650 million in funding earlier this month, valuing the firm at $15 billion — a figure well beyond the $1 billion valuation required to be dubbed a Silicon Valley unicorn.” ( And, that money is being made from children… and, children are the targets of their ads. “”[E-cigarette producers] ignore absolutely everything that was ever agreed to around combustible cigarettes,” says Jackler. His collection of e-cigarette ads is rife with such misleading and targeted messages that hawk everything from pseudoscientific health claims to kid-friendly bubblegum flavors and “back to school” sales. “You have pictures of doctors saying, ‘Use this e-cigarette.’ You have all sorts of claims in e-cigarettes that are the kinds of things that would have been forbidden. E-cigarettes show up on television and radio,” he continued.” (

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