Defendant Juul Now Being Now Sued by Teens in Florida and Alabama. Where Next?

In lawsuits already filed in Florida and Alabama, Plaintiffs are accusing Juul of marketing addictive products known to be harmful to teens. ( “Now, just as tobacco companies have been forced out of the cycle of concern and reassurance that they’ve maintained for decades, Juul looks as if it’s jumping in. Unlike mentholated, filtered, or “light” cigarettes, studies have found that e-cigarettes are at least somewhat healthier to smoke than the traditional model. But as e-cigarettes have gained popularity and researchers have begun studying their long-term effects, they’ve found evidence linking vaping to potential dangers to the heartrespiratory system, and brain—and suggesting that, regardless of Juul’s claimed mission to help adult smokers quit, e-cigarette use can lead younger people to take up smoking. Juul’s serious new television ads don’t address any of that. Instead, the company’s marketing strategy relies on a now familiar sleight of hand, ignoring this mounting evidence of health complications and pivoting to a narrative of relative safety. The ads bank on Big Tobacco’s villainous reputation, earned through decades of scheming and misrepresentation, to make Juul seem noble in contrast: like an e-cigarette hero, swooping in to save the day.” (

If you suffered a miscarriage or delivered a baby suffering from birth defects after using JUUL devices, or if your teenager has become addicted to JUUL vapes, contact a lawyer. It is our goal to help put an end to this crisis by helping the victims file civil lawsuits to recoup their losses. If you are located in the State of California and want help, please call Attorney and Physician Paul J. Molinaro, M.D., J.D. today for a free consultation.

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