Is Pelvic Mesh Good or Bad?

Whether you will read that pelvic mesh surgery is good or bad depends on the source of the words. That should be common sense. The mesh-makers say its great stuff – a wondrous material. The consumer advocacy groups say it harms a lot of women – leaves them much worse off. “In a survey of 2,220 women who had undergone pelvic mesh implants to treat stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, 59% said the procedure did not resolve their original issue, and 58% said they were left experiencing pain during intercourse. However, this was a consumer survey, carried out by the consumer advocacy group, the Health Issues Centre, rather than being a scientific study.” ( How many women are getting these surgeries? “The latest available FDA figures show approximately 300,000 women in the US undergo surgical procedures for prolapse each year and approximately 260,000 underwent surgical procedures to repair stress incontinence. According to industry estimates, approximately one out of three prolapse surgeries used mesh, and of the incontinence surgeries, over 80% were done transvaginally with mesh.” (

But just having a surgical complication does not mean someone did something wrong. Defense lawyers refer to something they call “acceptable risk” when saying that some patients will have unavoidable complications – even in the best of worlds. That’s true… sometimes. But what about when mesh simply disintegrates? Falls apart into many many splinter-like pieces that cause excruciating pain and other problems? What if the manufacturer knew that these complications could be avoided if they made the mesh out of expensive materials but opted to use cheap “blue shit” instead? That’s a different situation, right?

If you, a family member, a loved one, a friend, or anyone you know has had pelvic surgery that involves mesh and had complications wherein the mesh fell apart, it may be time for you or that other person to contact a lawyer. There are statutes of limitations (deadlines), so waiting too long can mean no case. Paul J. Molinaro, M.D., J.D. offers free consultations on mesh cases for patients who had surgery in California.

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