Doctors Can Be Fooled by Mesh Makers

“Doctors who specialize in female pelvic medicine say lawsuits by four states, including Washington and California, over products used to treat pelvic floor disorders and incontinence might scare patients away from the best treatment options—or maybe even push the products off the market.” ( Wow, this sounds like great support for the pelvic mesh surgery and the mesh. And, then you read this: “In their letter last month, the surgeons insist they were never misled—nor could they have been, because they don’t rely on a company’s marketing materials or instruction pamphlets to divine the risks of medical devices.” (  This second quote should make you question the truth of that statement. Doctors are people. They can be tricked just like anyone else. They can fall pray to marketing professionals. They can be swayed by bogus studies dressed up like legitimate ones. Some can even be “bought” by the mesh manufacturers to be spokespersons who praise the mesh even when they know how risky it is. Bottom line? Patients should not be afraid to ask questions, do their own research, and make informed decisions. That last part, the “informed” part requires “information” and that means “accurate information.”

If you, a family member, a loved one, a friend, or anyone you know has had pelvic surgery that involves mesh and had complications wherein the mesh fell apart, it may be time for you or that other person to contact a lawyer. There are statutes of limitations (deadlines), so waiting too long can mean no case. Paul J. Molinaro, M.D., J.D. offers free consultations on mesh cases for patients who had surgery in California.