18,000 Essure Lawsuits

As of February 2019, Bayer was facing about 18,000.00 Essure plaintiffs. (https://www.jurist.org/commentary/2019/02/female-filings-a-look-into-the-current-essure-lawsuits/). “Plaintiffs claim that the manufacturer failed to inform patients and physicians of possible dangerous side effects. Some women have been forced to have additional operations in an attempt to correct complications that the device caused. Women’s organs have been perforated, devices have broken inside fallopian tubes, and many women have endured years of pain and suffering. Women are seeking several types of damages as a result of the pain and suffering from Essure, from compensatory damages for medical costs, to general damages for mental and emotional anguish. Consumers are also seeking punitive damages in order to punish Bayer for developing and selling a harmful product and to stop the company from making this negligent practice into a habit.” (https://www.jurist.org/commentary/2019/02/female-filings-a-look-into-the-current-essure-lawsuits/).

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